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Top Five Reasons You Are Failing at Your Fitness Resolutions

January 16, 2018

2018 kicked off in an incredible way, you feel a total high, you have made your resolutions and you’re successfully sticking to them and managing with full confidence. Does this sound like you? If your answer is yes, then AMAZING. Chances are however, that at one point you may go through some challenges as you may lose track, give up or simply get distracted. To prevent yourself from failing, learn to identify or tweak your goals.


Here are the top 5 reasons why you are failing at your resolutions and what to do about it!



1. Your goals are not specific:

“I want to have a fit, firm and lean body”. That’s a very common- achievable and definitely realistic goal to attain. However, what does your fit look like? My fit, your fit, your mothers fit and your brothers fit all look very different. Most of the time, looking lean means that you need to shed some fat. Try “I want to lose 20 pounds of fat over the next 3 months through resistance training” as it’s a much more measurable goal. Make your goals specific! 


2. Your goals are unrealistic:

“I want to exercise every day”. Well, thats amazing and although that’s also possible it’s unrealistic even to an avid gym goer such as myself. All that does is set you up for failure, which will in turn discourage you. Instead of trying to go every single day, try “I want to exercise 3x this week”. This will motivate you, allow you to feel proud and accomplished instead of upset and disappointed. Create realistic attainable goals.


3. You don’t tell anybody your resolutions:

This is a BIG ONE! If there is one reoccurring common reason why clients ask to train with me, (besides from me giving them a killer workout ;) )  it’s because they need to be held accountable. When we say our goals out-loud, we are owning them, we are committed to those words and we are much more motivated to accomplish them. If you have goals you’re trying to stick to, share them with those around you. 


4. You’re not prioritizing your goals:

If you say you’re going to work out 3x/week, but it’s just kind of a thought in the back of your head and you’re wishing you’ll end up at the gym somehow either today or tomorrow- then it’s simply a wish. You must prioritize your goals. Schedule them, prepare your gym clothes the night before and no matter how tired you feel or unmotivated you are the day you’re meant to go to the gym, GO. Treat it like a serious commitment because that is what a goal should feel like. This is the main reason I charge my clients if they cancel within 24 hours, it’s not because I want to make them feel bad but it’s because I want to keep them accountable and ensure they do not back off just because they’re feeling lazy or tired. 


5. Not writing down your goals:

This sounds so simple, but it’s really crucial. Write your goals down, look at them, have them somewhere visible like on a sticky note which you can put on a mirror. Review your goals daily until they become a habit. It takes 21 days to turn an action in to a habit, so don’t quit until it comes naturally to you. When you see them written down, then you can really begin to turn them into a reality.


Follow these tips to help you stay on track! If you have any questions about goal-setting and sticking to your resolutions, give me a shout. I’ll be happy to offer some advice :)


Ivana Krunic

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