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The 4 Most Effective Booty Building Exercises!

January 25, 2018


We all know that squats are crucial in developing lower body strength and they are incredible. I definitely won’t deny that they’re one of the most important exercises but when it comes to building your booty you need to focus in a little more on isolating those babies. Add these to your workout and start to feel the burn.


3 Sets 10-15 Reps

2 Sets 7-10 Reps


1. Weighted Hip Thrusts With Bar 

These are super effective in isolating the glutes and you will definitely feel the burn. Ensure that you’re actively engaging your glutes when you get to the top of the movement and lower the bar slowly. 


2. Split Squats

You can use a barbell for this exercise. Ensure you’re pushing with your heel and extending your knee all the way without locking it in. Control this movement and let it burn.


3. Cable Kickbacks & Lateral Kickbacks

Ensure you are stable during this movement and that your spine is as neutral as possible. Don’t go too heavy, do more reps rather than going heavier in the beginning. 


4. Fire Hydrants 

You knees and elbows should be touching the matt and resting on it. Neck should be in neutral position as you extend and kick to the side and up toward the ceiling. 


Repeat 5 sets total and feel the burn :)


Let me know how it goes! You can google all of these exercises. I’ll be creating videos to follow so you can have a clear idea of all of these but in the meantime look them up if you don’t know them.


Good luck!

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