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"Ivana was nothing short of amazing, never in my life have I️ had someone who believed in me so much that it pushed me to do my best. She was always there for me throughout my journey even when you just need that little push to get through the day. I️ think the biggest concern when having an online coach is having that motivation to get up and do exactly what’s on your program agenda, but with Ivana it’s almost as if you wanted to make her proud because she was always so proud of every little achievement you made."

Dominique Lucca

"Ivana motivated and pushed me to surpass my perceived limits to get the results I wanted. Working with Ivana, I never felt stronger or healthier. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Ivana is definitely someone who can help you achieve that!"

Jacqueline Makowska

"Training with Ivana was like finding the missing piece to my fitness puzzle. She knew how to find the perfect balance of toughness and motivation without pushing me too hard where I would feel discouraged. Finally someone who got me and helped me succeed. Mountain climbers and planks are now my friend. Just not sure about those step ups! If you're fortunate enough to train with her you'll know what I mean. Thanks Ivana xoxo"

Tanya Ricci

"Working in the health and nutrition industry myself, I've always been very selective when it comes to hiring a personal trainer. I can honestly say that working with Ivana has changed my life - she's amazing! Definitely the best choice and fit for me and my goals. After a number of weeks, I noticed my energy levels and mood improve, my endurance and strength increase, and I could definitely see the physical changes in my body."

Laura Goodwin

Working with you has been such a blessing. I definitely couldn't have done it with out you. I started off at almost 180 lbs which when you looked at me with my clothes on I looked fine but once I took my clothes off I looked horrible and felt even worse. You gave me the tools I needed to reach a goal I thought I would never ever reach. I lost 25 LBS my final weight was 155 lbs. This made me feel amazing especially on my wedding day. 

I had many struggles with losing the weight. I would crave sugar, and fatty foods IE McDonald's and Candy. I really had to try hard not to give into these temptations and I did not give in. With your help and you modifying my meal plans it helped me to over come those cravings and helped them to stay away.

The things that I struggled with the most was getting into the gym and working out. I have a very busy life style with 2 jobs and planning a wedding I couldn't get my butt to the gym. In the 3 months I probably went to the gym 25 times so twice a week sometimes 3 times if I was lucky.

I wanted fast results but you don't get fast results without going to the gym and healthy eating / lifestyle. There really was nothing negative about this program. I always felt energized and full. You set up a program just for me and it worked. 

Whenever I had any doubt, or question you were right there to answer them and keep me motivated throughout the 3 months and I Thank you!

You are an amazing woman and such an inspiration. I hope that I can continue this journey on my own !”

Nicole Di Chiazza


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